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Our entry level suite of SOLUTIONS practice psychometric tests allows you to familiarise yourself with the psychometric testing process, and complete a full set of ability and aptitude tests.

SOLUTIONS practice psychometric tests software suite contains the commonest Aptitude/Ability Tests in a single package –

  • Graduate/Managerial Numerical Reasoning Ability
  • Graduate/Managerial Verbal Reasoning/Critical Thinking Ability (English Language)
  • Verbal Ability (English Language)
  • Standard Numerical Ability
  • Abstract Reasoning Ability

You can choose to undergo a full 2½ hour simulated test session by completing all five tests back to back , with the timer running – or you can just dip into them as you see fit for a quick look in your own time!

  • There is no need to pay separately for access to the different aptitude tests SOLUTIONS contains.
  • Download your own personal copy – no need to be on line to practice.
  • Automated administration, scoring and detailed feedback.
  • Unlimited use – no time or usage restrictions.
  • Product lifetime upgrades and 100% secure on line ordering.
  • After sales customer support.

Comprehensive and Detailed

Developed by our expert team of Registered Occupational Psychologists, SOLUTIONS consists of the most commonly used psychometric tests in occupational selection  – verbal reasoning ability, numerical reasoning ability, abstract problem solving ability, and graduate level numerical reasoning ability and verbal reasoning/critical thinking ability.

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Each is a full length 30 minute aptitude test. You can either quickly skip through the questions, or complete a full 2½  hour test session. There is no limit on the number of times you can use SOLUTIONS and the correct answer to every question is provided.

SOLUTIONS practice psychometric tests closely approximates a real psychometric testing session – each test is strictly timed, although you are given the option to disable this timer and take as long as you wish to complete the tests.

The standard level verbal, numerical and abstract reasoning tests are similar to the UK Armed Forces (Royal Navy, Army and Royal Air Force) basic level selection tests.

SOLUTIONS practice psychometric tests will calculate individual specific aptitude scores as well as overall general ability scores, and can help you gain some insight into where your own ability strengths and development areas may be. The test is not normed, and the question difficulty level assumes no more than a basic educational attainment level. Your results are interpreted in comparison to what an average adult might be expected to score.

NOTE : If you are preparing for a test for a higher level or managerial position, then SOLUTIONS ADVANCED (Business/Managerial) may be a useful additional, or a more appropriate set of tests to help you prepare.

How to Obtain Your Copy of SOLUTIONS Practice Psychometric Tests

  1. Go the order page.
  2. Complete your order online using our secure server
  3. You will then be emailed with instructions on how to download and activate the software for use on your own computer.   .

Price : £9.95

Special Offer

Because many clients require both SOLUTIONS and SOLUTIONS ADVANCED you can order both at a discounted price of just £19.95 (normally £24.90). See our order page for more details.

Our Practice Psychometric Tests are designed to work on a Windows based PC. They will not work on a mobile phone or tablet running an android OS.

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