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We offer two version of our downloadable practice psychometric tests – SOLUTIONS and SOLUTIONS ADVANCED. Both are designed to improve your performance on psychometric tests in a recruitment situation.

“I was offered the job today after 3 hours of interviews and tests. Your tests were invaluable and very close to what I was tested on……. Cheers. ” 

Reducing Your Anxiety and Improving Your Performance with our Practice Psychometric Tests

Many businesses now use powerful and highly accurate Aptitude/Ability Tests as a method of assessing individuals when carrying out recruitment. Whilst psychometric tests such as these were once mainly used for senior positions, today they are used for all job types and at all levels.

Taking a Psychometric Test is likely to be one of the most worrying and nerve racking experiences a person can face. Tests are designed to stretch people  – there would be no point in a test which was so easy that everyone got all of the answers right!

Psychometric test publishers do not make their Aptitude and Ability tests generally available to the public. While some do produce familiarisation materials, these usually consist of only a few specimen questions and do not allow you to try out a full set of tests under real life conditions.

Knowing what to expect is probably the single most effective way of reducing your anxiety about being tested, and this alone will improve your performance.

Our two downloadable practice psychometric tests are designed specifically to help you do this.

SOLUTIONS is our entry level suite of practice tests and contains all of the commonest types of Aptitude/Ability Test in a single package – Graduate/Managerial Numerical Reasoning Ability, Graduate/Managerial Verbal Reasoning/Critical Thinking Ability (English Language), Verbal Ability (English Language), Standard Numerical Ability, and Abstract Reasoning Ability. The SOLUTIONS software also provides hints and tips on how to prepare for and approach a test session; how to deal with specific types of test and what to expect during and after the testing process.

SOLUTIONS ADVANCED is a higher level psychometric test suite which tests your skills applying your abilities to real life business management scenarios. It simulates a business case study, business simulation exercise, in-tray/in-basket exercise and senior level critical thinking psychometric test. It may be a useful additional, or a more appropriate set of tests to help you prepare for a test for a higher level or managerial position.

Quick and Simple to Download and Use

Once you have placed your order for your downloadable practice psychometric tests on-line, you will be emailed with instructions on how to download and activate the software for use on your own computer.  

Our Practice Psychometric Tests :
  1. Our Practice Psychometric Tests have been developed to an industry standard level of quality and satisfy the guidelines laid down by Kline (1995) and other respected experts in the test development field.
  2. Our Practice Psychometric Tests prepare you for the ‘whole’ testing process many candidates perform well below their true level of ability because they are nervous – it is as simple as that, but not surprising given the very real consequences of poor performance on a test. Our tests are not simply lists of test questions, but have been designed to simulate the actual testing session/process, which can often last for an hour or more, from dealing with the instructions through to external time control, whole test scoring (with explanations) and detailed feedback. The tests have been developed as coherent, stand-alone tools in their own right, designed to help you prepare for the whole experience – they are not just unstructured lists of example questions.
  3. Our team of developers are fully qualified, BPS registered Chartered Occupational Psychologists. Our lead developer, Liam Healy is an experienced test developer, having worked on test development projects for both central government and a range of commercial and not-for-profit organisations.  Liam is also the author of More How To Win at Aptitude Tests, Harper Collins, 2001; and Psychometric Testing for Dummies, John Wiley, 2008;  and has been lead test developer for most of our own in-house psychometric tests.
  4. Our psychologists are all experienced business consultants in their own right, and our practice tests reflect the very latest in thinking on test use in selection and recruitment. We keep one eye on the academic world, but we earn our livings in the real one. Over the years we have tested thousands of candidates – we know what candidates need from a set of practice tests.
  5. Our tests are downloadable, stand-alone software packages. You can for instance transfer them to a laptop for practising when on the move, once you have downloaded them you do not need to be on line again to use them.

A word of warning! Whilst ‘cut-off’ points are sometimes used in real world testing, these are dependent upon  selection ratios and  base rates (in simple terms, the number of candidates an employer has to choose from, and the natural ability level within that group). So be wary of anything that offers you the chance to ‘Pass‘ psychometric tests – it may betray a lack of understanding as to what the testing process is about.


  1. SOLUTIONS and SOLUTIONS ADVANCED software is designed to run on windows based operating systems. It will not work on smart phones or tablets.
  2. This software MUST NOT be used for any reason other than personal development by the original purchaser. It may
    not be used for any selection, recruitment or other development purposes.
  3. You are granted a single user pesonal use limited licence. This software and any copies of it, remain the exclusive property of Liam Healy and Associates at all times.
  4. Use of this software does not provide any qualification to purchase, administer or use any other similar psychometric assessment materials or software. Use of this software may not be quoted as evidence of any type of competence or qualification whatsoever in occupational testing.

SOLUTIONS ADVANCED in particular is a very difficult test, and deliberately designed to stretch you. In reality the tests you are likely to face will not be as difficult, nor as long. It’s sole function is to give you experience of dealing with this type of test, so do not feel worried if you have not performed as well as you would have liked to. Very few people will ever manage to answer all of the questions correctly.

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