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Employers now expect candidates to demonstrate not only that they have intellectual ability, but that they can also apply it in real life situations. Our higher level suite of Advanced Practice Psychometric Tests – SOLUTIONS ADVANCED can help you do just that.

SOLUTIONS ADVANCED is a software based suite of psychometric tests designed to give people the chance to familiarise themselves with the psychometric testing process and gain experience of dealing with more senior/managerial  level psychometric assessment. It allows you to practice advanced practice psychometric tests in the time and comfort of your own home.

Designed by our expert team of Chartered Occupational Psychologists over a two year period, SOLUTIONS ADVANCED will help people who are applying for graduate/managerial level positions and who expect to have to deal with a business case study, business simulation exercise, in-tray/in-basket exercise or senior level critical thinking psychometric test.

The Scenarios

SOLUTIONS ADVANCED practice psychometric test contains 100 individual test questions across 5 detailed high level business/management simulations to allow you to practice your ability to deal with complex information under pressure.

  • Helps you improve your skills in applying your abilities to real life business management scenarios.
  • Provides experience of the latest in psychometric test developments.
  • Download your own personal copy- no need be on line to practice, pay for postage or wait for CD’s to arrive by mail.
  • Unlimited use – no time or usage restrictions.
  • After sales customer support.
  • Product lifetime upgrades and 100% secure ordering

Your results are presented in the form of a report detailing your overall score; your answer to each question and whether it was correct or not, and what the correct answer actually was as well as why it was the correct answer. You can examine your performance in detail, see exactly where you went wrong and how to improve your score.

These are the 5 scenarios :

1. Sourcing the Training Provider

You work for a Multi-media company. Your new European IT Director has commissioned a complete Training Needs Analysis of the people working in the IT department. He was very surprised that a significant number of staff did not reach the level of IT literacy required in their jobs. He has asked you to source a training provider who is able to provide the necessary training for his IT staff.

You have all the research and cost information to hand – can you work out the best deal ?

2. The Loss Making Acquisition

You are a manager in an up-market supermarket company. You have a number of regional stores in large cities across the UK and Europe. You are the largest speciality foods retailer in Europe and have a very loyal client base. You are reviewing the end of year financial statements for each of your 6 stores. A division of your company in Oxford is making a loss.

Can you rescue the situation ? Your options include closing down the store, downsizing the business, or centralizing management functions.

3. Producing the Marketing Plan

You work for an Internet Book retailer  with an annual turnover of £3.6 Million per year and have been asked to review the current marketing plan and to make recommendations for a Marketing Strategy Meeting. You have your objectives, your resources, your time scale.

Can you make sense of the marketing plan ?

4. Organising the Client Conference

The company you work for provides printing services to industry. You have been placed in charge of organising a conference for your clients. The conference is to be held at a prestigious local hotel.

Can you work out how to deliver the conference on time and make a profit ?

5. Losing the Big Account

The company you work for makes bulk copies of music and software CD and DVD discs. Your biggest customer is threatening to take their business elsewhere.

Can you find a way to use the contract you signed to keep their business ?

How to Obtain Your Copy of SOLUTIONS ADVANCED

  1. Go the order page.
  2. Complete your order online using our secure server.
  3. You will then be emailed with instructions on how to download and activate the software for use on your own computer.   .

Price : £14.95

Special Offer

Because many clients require both SOLUTIONS and SOLUTIONS ADVANCED you can order both at a discounted price of just £19.95 (normally £24.90). See our order page for more details.

Our Advanced Practice Psychometric Tests are designed to work on a Windows based PC. They will not work on a mobile phone or tablet running an android OS.

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