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Preparing yourself for a new career, career change, or a new challenge at work, can be a daunting task. The Career Development Centre provides expert professional careers advice, tools and resources to help you.

The Career Development Centre is brought to you by Liam Healy & Associates – Chartered and Registered Occupational Psychologists. It provides you with a choice of on-line and downloadable, high quality career guidance tools and career advice resources, all developed by our team of qualified expert Occupational Psychologists.


Unsure which job or type of work you would like to do?

Unhappy or unfulfilled in your current work?

Want to change job or start a new career?

Based on a detailed on-line career assessment, a Careers Interest Report will help you find out what sort of work you would really enjoy, and which job would be right for you.

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Do you need to improve your employability, or personal and professional effectiveness?

Has your career stalled?

Do you need to identify your strengths and weaknesses in preparation for challenges ahead?

Based on a detailed on-line personality assessment, a Career Development Report provides you with a powerful and detailed insight into your own personality. It can improve your employability by helping you identify your strengths and development areas.

Your Career Development Report also comes with an integrated Development Workbook to help you start addressing  your development needs.

A Career Development Report is also an excellent way of helping you prepare for an interview or assessment centre.

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If you need to prepare yourself for a psychometric test and are worried, or not sure what to expect, then our downloadable psychometric Ability/Aptitude Practice Tests will help you.

These comprise two software packages – SOLUTIONS (Basic/Graduate) and SOLUTIONS ADVANCED (Senior/Managerial). They include tests assessing abstract ability, numerical reasoning, verbal reasoning, critical thinking ability, as well as higher level business simulation and strategic thinking tests.

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The products and tools on this site are for private individuals. If you are a business or organisation seeking psychometric assessment for employee selection or development please visit our main site.

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